We work with businesses, teams, and entrepreneurs to design and implement strength-based and human-centred interventions that shape successful leaders.

Karani is a leading consultancy organisation with the aim to find and support high-potential individuals – and through this, to build thriving wealth systems that contribute to sustainable African development. We engage the next generation of African leaders and businesses to design and implement strength-based and human-centred interventions that effectively build successful leaders.

Our work is spread nationally, continentally, and internationally, giving us a strong understanding of both local imperatives and international practice. We have worked with big intergenerational and intercultural businesses, entrepreneurial incubators, and international non-profits to promote talent, grow businesses, and apply leadership principles to increase performance and impact.

Meet the founder, Nizenande Machi

Karani was founded in 2016 by Nizenande Machi with the goal to equip African professionals and entrepreneurs with the tools to thrive.

Nizenande is a Learning and Development Specialist and Relationship Systems Strategist. She has been published as a featured author alongside former South African Minister of Finance, Trevor Manuel, and former Public Protector, Thuli Madonsela in a book titled: ‘Inspired: Remarkable South Africans Share their Stories.’

“My primary aim in life is to be free, and to lead others to their own freedom.  Freedom of choice, freedom of movement, thought, speech and  prosperity. Free to grow in spirit, be strengthened in joy and to labour in love. That’s why I use my agency to capacitate people to do exactly that.” Nizenade Machi

Meet the Team

The Karani team is built with development in mind. Our belief is that leaders and entrepreneurs have innate talents that need to be identified & nurtured for sustainable impact.

Our team of certified strengths coaches & facilitators apply a collaborative consulting approach to the development of teams and individuals that lead to meaningful growth.


Our Values



We are masters of our craft


We are driven by a resolute commitment to deliver


We do what we say, and say what we do


We do everything based on trust


We laugh often and have fun doing it


We take every opportunity to live out our values